Our Therapists

Elie Jesner

Elie is a UKCP registered Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist and a member of the Philadelphia Association.  He is a graduate of Cambridge University, where he studied Philosophy, and also of Warwick University, where he obtained an MA in Philosophy.  His approach borrows from both of these worlds, using the combined resources of philosophy and psychoanalysis to understand the unique situation of every individual. 

As well as his studies, he brings a wide range of professional experience to his work.  He has worked in the financial markets, in the technology start-up environment, in adult and secondary school education and in informal youth work.  These diverse environments have helped him to develop a broad understanding of human nature and make him well-placed to work with a wide range of clients.  

Elie welcomes the opportunity to work with a wide range of issues, but is particularly well-placed to help with anxiety, depression, career-related stress, loss, divorce, and problems touching on religious or philosophical questions.  

He is currently based in Hampstead, North London and in the financial district, the City of London. 

Elie is also a published writer, having written a number of articles relating to matters of psychology, politics and religion.  

We are also connected to a wide network of other therapists and can provide referrals where necessary.