Therapy in the City

Working in a stressful and highly demanding environment can generate intense feelings of panic, anxiety and self-doubt.  This can affect one’s relationships, sleep patterns and ability to relax.  It can make one’s life a living hell.

Perhaps worst of all, some environments create a sense that any attempt to address or reflect on these feelings is itself a sign of failure, and that such a person should be viewed with suspicion.  This only makes things worse and can heighten feelings of panic and being trapped.

We have a long way to go, but attitudes are starting to shift.  There is a growing realisation that if one wishes to build a career in such fields, one must have all the tools available to endure the long haul.  A career is a marathon, not a sprint, and can benefit from expert training and coaching along the way.

An individual’s biggest asset is their mind.  Looking out for its well-being is vital, neglecting it can be a grave mistake.   It needs to be optimised, for excelling in the workplace requires it to be operating at 100% capacity, unhindered by fear, anxiety and unease. 

Reaching out and taking control of one’s situation can be the first step to feeling better and getting back on top of things.  An initial consultation, in the strictest of confidence, can give you a sense of how easily things can change, and how you can quickly return to ‘peak performance’.

Thinking Psychotherapy is uniquely placed to help in this market.  Our lead therapist Elie Jesner has extensive first-hand experience of this field, having worked for 8 years on trading desks in the City, heading up a derivatives desk through the volatility of the 2008 financial crisis. 

His own experiences, as well as that of managing and training his colleagues, make him a valuable person to speak to in tough times.  He brings understanding and empathy to every consultation, addressing both any immediate sense of crisis as well as providing a constructive analysis of the overall situation and how to fix it.

With premises in the heart of the City, arranging an initial consultation or ongoing meetings is easy and convenient.